What if I smell gas?

Never assume that the odor of gas is a sign that your tank is running low. If you smell gas in the house or if the gas alarm signals the presence of gas, IMMEDIATELY follow these suggestions:


  • Extinguish all smoking materials and any other open flames or sources of ignition.
  • Get everyone outside and away from the building.
  • Shut off the gas supply at the tank.
  • Call your propane supplier from a neighbor's phone. If you cannot reach your propane supplier, call the fire department.
  • Stay outside and leave the gas off until the leak has been found and fixed.


  • Turn light switches, appliances or thermostats on or off, and do not use the telephone. A spark from one of these could ignite the gas.
  • Light or try to re-light any appliances. Leave this job to your propane supplier.
  • Re-enter the building until the problem has been corrected.
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