About Propane

Clean burning propane is one of the most efficient fuel sources for your home or business. From warming your home on a cold winter’s night, to heating your water for a hot morning shower, you can count on propane from Douglass Distributing as a dependable, cost-efficient energy source. When it comes to keeping your business’s energy expenses in check, propane can be half the cost of electricity. For residential or business applications, whether your propane demand is large or small, Douglass Distributing is your Go To source for all your propane needs.

Know Your Propane System

Your propane system has four basic parts:

  1. A tank or cylinder equipped with a main shutoff valve.
  2. One or more regulators designed to reduce pressure between the container and your appliances.
  3. Gas piping, to carry the propane to your appliances.
  4. Gas appliance.

The tank or cylinder is where the propane is stored. It is equipped with a shutoff valve, which turns the gas On or Off. The regulator controls the gas pressure, while the gas piping carries the gas to your appliances. It is important for you to know the location of the main shutoff valve on the tank or cylinder. Remember its location and become familiar with how to shut it off in an emergency situation.

Douglass Distributing is a member of the National LP Gas Association and the Texas LP Gas Association.

Get Started

First, fill out a propane credit application online. The link is on the sidebar to your right.

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