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Douglass Milestones
Events & Milestones
  • 2020
    Demolished and rebuilt the Valero that we bought at US 75 and 82
  • 2019
    Bought the Jack Ray Oil Company and the Ardmore Truck Terminal
  • 2018
    Purchased land at 1417 and 75 Near Schulmans
  • 2016
    Purchased Dave Ski & Tackle US 75 and Hwy 91 Denison.
  • September 2015
    Present day
    Douglass Distributing currently distributes more than 130,000,000 gallons of fuel annually. Our Carrier Group includes 15 trucks that run 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days per year. Douglass Distributing has drivers on staff with access to all local terminals, and maintains a maintenance staff of 8 full time technicians, who are available 24/ 7 days a week. Our retail division owns and operates 22 co-branded sites and employs over 300 team members.
  • February 2015
    Purchases Retail Sites
    Purchased the rest of Bolin Oil's retail sites which doubled office size again. This included 2 sites in McKinney, TX and 3 site
  • January 2015
    Purchased the car wash next to Lone Star on Travis & Taylor and incorporated it into the complex
  • 2015
    Purchased Carwash in Sherman (Travis and Taylor). Bought 4 fuel locations from Bolin Oil in Plano and McKinney. Bought Circle K
  • 2014
    Bought Sunnyvale store and carwash
  • 2014
    Purchased a tunnel car wash and convenience store in Sunnyvale, TX
  • December 2013
    Opened convenience store on N. Morton St. in Denison, TX with a pharmacy inside
  • 2013
    Lewis and Morton Purchased/Demolished and rebuilt added a pharmacy (Medicine Shoppe Denison)
  • 2012
    Purchased Ashley Duvall in Bowie, TX which included a bulk plant expanding our oil division
  • 2011
    Purchased retail store in Decatur, TX and Native Signs of Sherman, TX to further expand our sign business
  • 2011
    Purchased the c store and Burger King car wash indicator: Corner of 2087 in Decauter
  • 2010
    Purchased Millenium Signs of Plano, TX so we could have sign supplies for our retail stores
  • 2008
    Makes Building Purchases
    Purchased Pool building, an old sewing factory, which now houses our lubricant oil and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
    Purchased a retail store in Bells, TX
    Purchased a retail store in Farmer's Branch
  • 2007
    Made further land and warehouse acquisitions, which included our on site truck wash
  • May 2006
    1st Post Office Substation
    Douglass Distributing opened its first United States Post Office substation, located at Lone Star #50 at Hwy 75 and 82, in May, 2006.
  • July 2005
    Expansion of Transport Division
    In July of 2005, Douglass Distributing expanded our Transport Division by purchasing the Greenville, Texas-based Hunt Company Oil. In October of that same year, we expanded our Propane Division by purchasing Hoganson Propane located in Sherman, TX.

  • February 2004
    Branding With Shell & Texaco
    Douglass Distributing purchased Barney Holland Oil Company's Shell Retailer Supply Agreements in February 2004, expanding our Transport Division and initiating our branding with Shell and Texaco fuels. Barney Holland Oil Company remains a customer of Douglass Distributing for unbranded products.
  • June 2003
    Propane Services Expanded
    In June of 2003, Douglass Distributing bought Sherman, Texas-based Suburban Propane. We also began branding with Diamond Shamrock/ Valero at this time.
  • 2002
    Converted a service station to c-store: purchased land and built Dickey's BBQ now Lone Star #5 at Lamar in Sherman
  • 2002
    Propane Services Expanded
    Douglass Distributing purchased Blackburn Propane, located in Kenefic, Oklahoma on June 1, 2002.
  • 2001
    Branding With Mobil Fuels
    In December of 2001, Douglass Distributing began branding with Mobil fuels.
  • 2000
    Introduction of Commercial Fueling Network
    In June, 2000, Douglass Distributing purchased the Everett Funeral Home property to expand our compound. We also acquired Sooner Propane in Madill, Oklahoma. Later that year, Douglass Distributing began using Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) to expand our unbranded fuel division.
  • 1999
    Opened a new c-store in Denton TX on I-35
  • 1999
    Lubricants Division Expanded
    In 1999, Douglass Distributing expanded our Lubricants Division with the acquisition of Montgomery Oil in Paris, Texas. We also traded property in Carrollton, Texas for two existing retail stores in Denton, Texas.
  • 1998
    Purchased 2 stores from Exxon in Denton, Texas
  • 1998
    Office Expansion
    To help accommodate the growth of the company, Douglass Distributing embarked on an office expansion project which was completed in January, 1998. The new offices were double the size of our original office. In May, we expanded our Tank Wagon Division with the purchase of Farmersville, Texas-based Mont Hendricks. We expanded our compound further by purchasing property from Love Monument Field.
  • 1997
    Expansion of Propane Division
    1997 was a milestone year for Douglass Distributing. In July we opened Lone Star #67 at 312 North Hwy 75 in Van Alstyne, Texas. The first store of its kind in this area, the complex included a Burger King restaurant with an indoor playground, a Subway sandwich shop and a Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor, and of course a state of the art convenient store. We also acquired Burton Oil Company in Sherman, Texas, which expanded the Propane Division.
  • February 1996
    Tank Wagon Division Expanded
    Douglass Distributing bought Bolin Oil located in McKinney, Texas in February 1996. This expanded the Douglass tank wagon division. Later that year we acquired Hall Oil in Bonham, Texas.
  • 1995
    Fina Fuel Brand Added
    Douglass Distributing continued to expand our family of brands by adding the Fina fuel brand.
  • 1993
    Lone Star #50 Opened
    The award winning Lone Star #50, located at 2920 Hwy 75 North in Sherman, Texas opened in 1993, and continues to be one of our highest volume locations due to its fantastic placement at the corner of Hwy 75 and Hwy 82.
  • December 1992
    TBA Services Discountinued
    In December of 1992, Douglass Distributing determined to focus on our strengths. The decision was made to discontinue the Tires, Batteries & Accessories (TBA) Division.
  • February 1991
    Transport Business Expanded
    In February of 1991, Douglass Distributing expanded our Transport business by acquiring Young Oil Company in McKinney, Texas. We started branding with Shell fuels and Citgo fuels that same year.
  • 1990
    Purchased the Allen Store from Fina, now Lone Star Food Store #47
  • 1990
    Introduction of Propane Service
    In March of 1990 we acquired Sooner Oil located in Denison, Texas. Douglass Distributing officially entered the Propane business and also began branding with Phillips 66 fuel. We expanded our Sherman, Texas compound in May, 1990 by purchasing two pieces of property - the Washateria/ Pattern Shop and the Buffalo Oil Refinery property.
  • April 1988
    Tank Wagon & Mobil Lubricant Expansions
    In April of 1988, Douglass Distributingpurchased the Skating Rink/ Elk's Lodge and the Pallet Company (formerly known as the Barq Soda Factory) to expand their compound. This same year Douglass bought out T.M. Hughes in Celina, TX. With this purchase they expanded their Tank wagon division and started carrying Mobil Lubricants.
  • April 1988
    Gainesville Flooded
    In April of 1988 all the creeks in Gainesville, Texas overflowed their banks, resulting a massive flood of near Biblical proportions. Flood waters crested at over six feet. The damage to the Douglass Distributing site in Gainesville was extensive, and conditions created by the flood made it too dangerous to continue operations there. The office and bulk plant were closed.
  • February 1, 1988
    Douglass Distributing Carrier Founded
    On February 1st of 1988, Exxon withdrew from the delivery of fuel. Douglass Distributing responded positively by founding Douglass Distributing Carrier, Inc and began transporting fuel ourselves.
  • 1986
    Gainesville Expansion
    In 1986, Douglass Distributing acquired Schneider Energy of Gainesville, Texas, including an office and a bulk plant located in Gainesville. This brought the third expansion for the Exxon Transport, the Exxon Tank wagon and the Exxon Lubricants divisions.
  • June 1983
    Expansion Into Retail
    In 1983, Douglass Distributing decided to enter the world of retail. We opened our first retail store, Lone Star #4, at 1716 Texoma Parkway in Sherman, Texas. We remodeled and updated the store in April, 2006.
  • 1983
    Construction of Original Offices
    In 1983 Douglass Distributing built our original office.
  • 1982
    Sherman Compound Expanded
    In 1982, Douglass Distributing purchased John's Sandblasting (formerly a foundry) and expanded our compound located at 325 E. Forest Avenue, Sherman, Texas.
  • August 1, 1981
    First Expansion
    On August 1, 1981 Douglass Distributing expanded the Exxon Tankwagon and Lubricants Divisions by purchasing another Exxon consignee located in Van Alstyne, Texas.
  • July 1, 1981
    Douglass Distributing Formed.
    In 1947 Humble Oil (later known as Exxon) established a railroad bulk plant in Sherman and Gainesville, Texas. On July 1, 1981 Bill Douglass bought this Exxon consignee in Sherman, Texas, including the local Exxon Transport Division, Exxon Tank Wagon Division, Exxon Lubricants Division, and Tires, Batteries & Accessories (TBA) Division. Douglass Distributing was born.

Offen Petroleum Acquires Douglass Distributing

Douglass Distributing and Offen Petroleum are pleased to announce that Offen Petroleum has acquired the operating assets of Douglass Distributing. Though our name has changed, our commitment to high-quality customer care will always remain the same. And don’t worry—you'll still get to work with the same smiling faces you’ve come to know and trust here at Douglass Distributing.

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