Douglass Commercial Fuel

Fueling the Future, One Delivery at a Time

Commercial Fuel Services
Buying Power

When you purchase fuel from Douglass Distributing, you get buying power!

We are proud to offer:

  • 15 different fuel terminals.
  • Branded and Unbranded fuel, including Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, e85 and Kerosene.
  • Coverage that includes the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma region.
Commercial Fuel Delivery

Our fleet of 15 transports and five tankwagons allows us to handle deliveries, on or off-road, to such diverse industries as farming, trucking, mining, educational, municipal and governmental facilities.

Service Programs

At Douglass Distributing, we understand that fuel service is an intricate operation, involving numerous systems from electronic consoles and payment systems, to inventory control and tank monitoring. All of which require specialized attention to detail. We have the expertise to meet those needs through a variety of commercial programs, including our Keep Fill Programs, Buying Programs and Card Programs such as the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) Card Program.


Douglass Distributing’s seasoned team of fulltime maintenance technicians carry more than 50 combined years of industry experience. They stand ready to install, service and maintain tanks, pumps, hoses and card systems. If you have a problem with your fueling equipment, they can help you fix it!

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