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2017 40 Under 40 Leaders to Watch - Whitney Douglass Oestreich
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 8:44am

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This year’s 40 Under 40 class represents a wide range of individuals who boast innovative thinking, business smarts, community engagement and professionalism. It’s also what keeps the c-store industry sprinting forward.
A CSD Staff Report
Regularly when pundits evaluate athletes they often compile career statistics, crunching the numbers to determine the best quarterback, most talented goalie, elite point guard or top outfielder.
Numbers come into play in everyday business as well when evaluating staff. Often the best employees, managers, directors or executives who demonstrate intangibles such as creativity, leadership, originality and loyalty are harder to quantify.
The individuals in the following pages represent big corporations and small retail chains—but all demonstrate the type of qualities that most employers seek. Each member of this year’s 40 Under 40 class plays an important role in determining the future course of his or her respective company.
Included are category managers, financial officers, marketing directors, vice presidents and CEOs. If you look closely, you’ll find that all of the individuals in the 2017 class likely share many of the same qualities—qualities that go above and beyond the regular stat line of a good employee or a responsible manager.


  Whitney Douglass Oestreich, 28

Credit Manager Company: Douglass Distributing (Lone Star Food Stores)

Headquarters: Sherman, Texas

Number of Stores: 22

Years with the Company: 4

IN TODAY’S TIME-STARVED WORLD, c-stores continue to have a place in U.S. retail
as consumers want frictionless transactions. Whitney Douglass Oestreich is doing
her part to ensure Lone Star Food Stores is meeting customers’ expectations.
In 2018, Lone Star is rolling out a mobile app and expanding its proprietary
Mexican quick-service restaurant, Mi Taco. Moreover, the retailer is opening its
first coffee lodge (TexaKona Coffee Lodge). All of these initiatives will happen
against the backdrop of a revamped employee-training program.
Just as important, the chain is adding renewable diesel and gas without ethanol
to its fuel offerings and implementing near field communications (NFC) to
fuel dispensers, which enables flex pay.
For all the projects at the pump, fuel is also one of the family business’ biggest
challenges, Oestreich said.
“Our biggest issue is trying to price competitively in a market where we do not
get the RIN (Renewable Identification Number) while the competition around us
does. To quote my grandfather, Bill Douglass, ‘the point of obligation needs to be
moved to the rack or the government economics of subsidizing the large retailers
will spell the eventual end to the small, independent retailer. The small retailer
attrition, currently created by the uneven playing field has already begun, with
hundreds selling out where possible or just closing.’”

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